About the E.R.T
If you don’t use it, you lose it…
  • This has always been the motto of the English Round Table (ERT).
  • The ERT provides the opportunity to practice and improve your English language skills in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can shake off your daily stress with some small talk, a cold beer or a smooth wine.
  • This very sincere statement, mailed to us by one of our long time members, sums it up the best.
  • Where non-native speakers get a chance to practice every-day English with patient and considerate native-speakers, giving in reverse some knowledge of local customs and habits
  • The ERT meets monthly (every second Thursday), and in addtion the last Tuesday of March, June, and September. Additional special events will be announced.
Who can join the ERT?
  • The English Round Table is open to everyone, from “Native-speaker” to “Vacation-speaker”
  • Of course if your English is not the best, you will have plenty of time to simply listen in, until you feel comfortable to join into one of the many conversations.
  • So call the baby-sitter, throw away the remote control(s), turn off the PC and come join us for some laughs and a good time.
How can I join the ERT?
  • Let us know that you want your e-mail address placed on our e-mail distribution list. (see contacts below).
What does all this cost?
  • The English Round Table is FREE!
  • There is NO registration or membership fee.
  • Of course, if you eat or drink at the meetings you will need to pay for that.